Dstv pvr decoder user manual

Other decoders that have the rf out port are technosat t888 fta satellite decoder and gotv dstv decoders. Tv guide your hotlink to the tv guide with 8 full days of programming information, allowing you to easily plan your viewing. Dstv explora decoder complete features, specs and functionality. Connection must be done using the usb port on the back of the decoder. Dstv pace 4 tuner hd pvr decoder watch 1 channel while recording 2 channels web link. Using dstv s explora is as easy as 1, 2, 3, pun intended. Full personal video recorder pvr functionality content discovery including multiple searches. Dstv explora decoder offers full personal video recorder pvr functionality. Congratulations on the purchase of your new dstv explora 2. Theres no reason to miss out on a moment of entertainment.

To understand the lifecycle of your decoder, please read our article explaining the different categories for the decoders and what this means for you. In order to set and control what your kids watch on dstv, and to ensure that their tender eyes and ears are not subjected to content beyond their age group, we recommend that you make use of the parental control features available on your digital decoder. If you connect your dstv explora to the internet, youll find even more content to enjoy on catch up plus, including more series and hundreds of movies exclusive to dstv premium customers. Multichoice claims that its dstv explora decoder brings a new tv. Dstv explora info how to connect the dstv switch youtube. When you connect your dstv explora 2, youll be able to enjoy the best that dstv has to offer. According to dstv s website, it is not possible to access public channels from your dstv decoders as this will cause security issues. Check picture quality on hd pvr model dstv 11 decoder. The dial is used for different tv environments and can be customised for use with the tv and.

Multichoice claims that its dstv explora decoder brings a new tv viewing experience. Pvr decoder user manual the dstv sd pvr decoder is a personal video recorder and decoder in one. Link your new dstv explora to another xtraview capable decoder to get access. As of 2020, it is no longer possible to enable these freetoair channels on current dstv hd decoders. If you already have xtraview and are replacing one of the decoders with the dstv explora, you must first contact multichoice to break the link between the existing xtraview decoders before. Page connecting the dstv switch 51 to one dstv explora and one 2 tuner decoder dstv explora decoder models. If you already have xtraview and are replacing one of the decoders with the dstv explora, you.

Terms and conditions of subscription to the dstv digital satellite subscription. Resetting the remote 36 installing the decoder software 41 updating the hd. The correct sequence is from the rf out socket on the dstv decoder to the rf in socket on the vcr, then a second cable from the rf out socket on the vcr to the rf in socket on the television set. Therefore, i decided to write this post to enlighten you on how to troubleshoot your dstv decoder with ease. Read through your user manual or check at the back pod your decoder to confirm if the port exists. Dstv hd decoder manuals manuals and user guides for dstv hd decoder. More to that, model number explora 3a has lost some serious weight since we last met. Dstv frequency set up guide version 8 single view, dual view and sd pvr only version 8 exludes single view hd these settings will only work on single view, dual view and sd pvr decoders. Dstv frequency set up guide version 8 all dstv decoders. Protect the little ones with parental control function. If you dont have a vcr then the cable goes from the rf out socket on the decoder to the rf in socket on the tv.

Get answers for dstv hardware, explora, hd pvr, single view and more. Select a decoder below to find out more about it or download the user guides. To recover a be1,you have to preform the following button sequence on your decoders. Due to the prevalent nature of the dstv and other cable and satellite tv technologies in nigeria, millions of subscribers like you frequently encounter these problems.

Dstv catch up allows you to catch up on series, sports highlights, movies, documentaries, kids shows and more. The featured image is of the thyword decoder and the rf out port is easy to spot. Page 2 reset dstv hd features view 1 channel at a time no pvr functionality hd capable 720p and 1080i content discovery including multiple. Follow the instructions below and you should be able to control your entire. We have 1 dstv hd decoder manual available for free pdf download. The decoders memory was corrupted while writing to the flash memory. The dstv explora 2 is multichoices newest pvr and replaces the dstv explora.

Press the dstv button and go to user preferences in settings to set your preferences for default language, aspect ratio and more. Dstv has not enabled this option on newer models of their decoders, unlike previous decoder models. If you have an existing xtraview capable decoder other than the sd pvr, you can. Find great deals on dstv hd pvr decoder compare prices. Pvr enables you to record tv shows for later viewing. Multichoice claims their dstv explora can record up to 220 hours of content. Dstv catch up on the explora is available to dstv premium, compact plus, compact and family customers. Dstv remote b5 model 5 name description standby allows you to quickly put the dstv hd decoder into standby or bring it out of standby.

The decoder has internal storage of 2 terabytes enough to store about 9. When using any of these advanced features, the a7 remote must be pointed at the device its controlling. Simultaneously press the reset and standby button on the front panel of the decoder. Dstv devices faqs learn more about dstv devices dstv. To change remote control settings on the dstv explora, press dstv, and go to system settings in the setting menu. Media converter switch portable tv receiver remote control. Hd pvr manuals and installation options\r \r forum. Visit getconnected for full instructions and stepbystep guidelines. Dstv free channels in 2020 how to enjoy free channels in. Only works with dstv hd decoders and dstv exploras supports multiple modes 3 backlit buttons ideal for nighttime viewing also access search by pressing the visual feedback when a button is pressed sms keys for easy text entry the a7 remote can be programmed to control other audiovisual equipment, through simpleset. The manufacturer and multichoice warrant that the dstv hd pvr decoder will be free from defects in design, materials and workmanship for a period of 12 months from the date of sale of the new dstv hd pvr decoder to the consumer.

Hi guys, i just purchased the dstv explora decoder today and i already have the dstv hd pvr decoder. Terms and conditions of subscription to the dstv digital. Fully installed stand alone dstv explora 2 decoder rmhdx2. View and download dstv hd decoder quick manual online. Pvr, visit the forums at hd quality content is only available via hdmi. Dstv service to subscribers in numerous countries in subsahara africa. Any variations to the standard installation are not covered by this voucher. Fully installed stand alone dstv explora 2 decoder za front side back. Twin lnb any lnb cable can connect to any of these two inputs dstv switch 5. And if you connect your dstv explora to the internet, youll discover hundreds of extra dstv catch up titlesall downloadable straight to your dstv explora to watch in your own time. Delivering your online order this service is available throughout south africa and delivery will be affected between 24 to 72 hours, monday to friday, excludes weekends and public holidays on condition that your order is placed and payment as well as.

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