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If you are a spider man fan i highly recommend picking up peter parker. In 1976, backed by popular demand, marvel launched peter parker, the spectacular spider man an allnew action series starring your friendly neighborhood wallcrawler. A third monthly ongoing series, peter parker, the spectacular spiderman, debuted in 1976. When peter parker hears about the abduction, the webslinger rushes to esu to investigate, but the hunter is lying in wait. The spectacular spiderman comic books for sale online. Browse issues from the comic book series, peter parker.

The spectacular spiderman is a comic book and magazine series starring spiderman and. Peter parker spectacular spiderman 2017 1st series. Either way come here for discussion, news, purchase pictures and collections. Browse the marvel comic series peter parker, the spectacular spiderman 1976 1998. View all items from spring has sprung sports sale, basketball, hockey, football, golf, comics, autographs, and more sale peter parker the spectacular spider man comic books, bronze age. The main book, amazing spiderman, has kept things fresh by. Youd think a comic book artist would know how to tell a story visually, but thats.

This is just the beginning of a work in progress, so if you have books you are looking for, drop us a note. This was quite a bonus for all of us comic reading kids who loved spider man. A companion series to the bestselling amazing spider man series, peter parker is going backtobasics for big heroics in the big apple. This is the the amazing spider man comic book from marvel. The spectacular spider man annual last edited by pikahyper on 082418 03. Check out individual issues, and find out how to read them. In 1976, a third spider man title was introduced by marvel. Geeky ordinary highschool student peter parker attends a scientific demonstration and is bitten by a spider made radioactive by the experimental device, passing on the proportionate.

The comic lasted until 1998 for a total of 263 issues. The spectacular spider man created by writer chip zdarsky and artist adam kubert. Values of spectacular spiderman free comic book values. The spectacular spiderman annual volume comic vine. The spectacular spiderman, but the peter parker part was dropped with issue 4. The largest online source for comic book pricing in the world. Jonah jamesons got the scoop of the century a onceinalifetime interview with the menace of manhattan spider man. The spectacular spiderman comics, published by marvel comics. We bag and board everything the week we get it, so even older books are in surprisingly great shape. The spectacular spiderman is the comic for either of those situations, for long time fans who miss the character of old or potential new fans who just want to enjoy some peter parker adventures like they watched in the theater. I like how he writes peterspidey and the tone of the book is a little more light, which is how i like my spiderman.

I was half expecting chip zdarskys story to go off the rails following the previous volume of peter parker. Peter parker, the spectacular spiderman vol 1 marvel. The webslinging, wallcrawling wonder returns to new york city in the allnew peter parker. This page contains a list of all the comics included in peter parker, the spectacular spider man vol 1.

Sponsored links outside companies pay to advertise via these links when specific phrases and words are searched. Thanks to the structure of zdarsky story this is a issue anyone interested in a spider man comic can pick up and read without having to worry about anything else. In february, marvel announced a new spider man comic book series peter parker. Spider man, real name peter parker, is the main protagonist of the spectacular spider man cartoon. Spiderman the spectacular spiderman heroes wiki fandom. Plus there was plenty of solid comic book actioni love this series. This led the company in 1968 to launch a shortlived magazine, the first to bear the spectacular name. What is your spectacular spider man comic book worth.

Price new from used from comics, april 1, 1983 please retry. Learn where to read it, and check out the comics cover. If you have found something that is not seen on this page, please add it to this list. A companion series to the bestselling amazing spider man series, peter parker. This is in the series, which was released in late november of this book is in great condition overall with only light signs of age visit to grab an unforgettable cool super hero tshirt. Making this moment even better is the fact that peter parker. The spectacular spiderman, my dinner with jameson is one tale you wont want to miss. One of marvel comics most popular superheroes, spiderman is a comic book character created by stan lee and steve ditko.

Kraven and the spectacular spiderman battle from central park to the top of a movie theater marquee. Peter parker the spectacular spiderman comic books. The spectacular spider man comic book cover tee to your collection. A superhero based in new york, spider man faces several supervillains who are provided enhancements by the machinations of tombstonethe big man of crime, and green goblinnorman osborn, while. You now had the original amazing spider man, marvel teamup which spidey shared with the fantastic fours human torch for awhile, and the latest spider man title peter parker the spectacular spider man. Exclusive version of marvels new spiderman comic book.

Peter parker the spectacular spiderman 1977 marvel comic. Kraven and the tarantula team up to kidnap the empire state university chancellor. A simple altercation with sandman turns deadly in marvel comics peter parker. Peter parker, the spectacular spiderman vol 1 97 marvel. Armed with webshooters of his own design, peter parker became the spectacular spiderman. Or are you just interested in the world of collecting. His blood coursing with the strange effects of that radiation, he finds he has gained the proportionate strength and agility of a spider. Peter parker s life was changed forever when he was bitten by a radioactive spider. In 1972, marvel more successfully launched a second spider man ongoing series, marvel teamup, in which he was paired with other marvel heroes. Did you bring a friend to see the new spider man movie and now they want to try out the comics. Find the value of the marvel comic spectacular spider man volume 1.

In these inaugural issues, never before reprinted in one volume, spidey faces some. One of the brilliant things that zdarsky does with peter parker. Essential peter parker, the spectacular spiderman vol. Chip zdarsky does such a great job balancing the comedy and drama that surrounds peter parker s life in and out of his spider man adventures. The spectacular spiderman is a comic book and magazine series starring spider man and published by marvel comics following the success of spider man s original series, the amazing spider man, marvel felt the character could support more than one title.

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